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February 10 2019

The signup form has an old recaptcha system. Please update it, @staff

March 02 2018

What's this track called again?
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October 19 2017

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Ok, is anybody in @testkitchen or @kitchen or anywhere basically- able to tell my, why I cant repost from some soups? Usually i just scroll past the post and ignore it, or in the best case scenario i just go to the source post and repost it instead, but recently it's either happening more often, or i pay more attention to this...

This is an example of not being able to repost from @robints ,but i'm pretty sure this happened to me before on other soups as well...

@edit: And we're on eachother friendslists...

April 04 2017

TIL: Soup still takes/gets payments via Paypal. Is there any information how this money is used now that Euphoria is in the hands of other people? Please just keep us informed "YES, we'll continue running soup"

March 15 2017

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@testkitchen something is not okay with the react functionality.
My reaction to a reaction is missing in the original post.

June 04 2015

April 07 2015

When your friends try to show you something funny from the internet but you've already seen it.


“Honey, I’m from soup. We’re like, weeks ahead of you.”

February 16 2015

Import from Tumblr Inquiries?

Hello! I just signed up for a Soup and I was importing my tumblr posts here. For some reason, my tags are not visible and neither are some of the images. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you!! :)

December 19 2014

We're testing ad layouts & some mechanics

While for @testkitchen users the ads are everywhere, we will be very diligent in choosing which segments of users or visitors will see them in production. And we'll hear and react to your feedback and everything. There'll be means of opt-out.

Again, this is just to test the layouts :)

Please let us know if you find any broken layouts or skins!

December 08 2014

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November 16 2014

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happens every time i've logged in.

October 31 2014

Extended Piwik Metrics

While we're still trying to figure out how to make the NSFW feature befriend the database (or vice versa, we really wouldn't care), we're a bit pressed for information about how many users we have actually using soup, and what of it.

So I've started to approach the long overdue project of generating more detailed analytics data. Thanks to Piwik we can keep that data in-house, and as soon as we'll go in production with it, we'll also have a detailed explanation of what we're tracking, what we're not tracking and why.

But right now, it's about how many people use adblock, how many "real" users we have, and what the characteristics of the typical power user are.

A few privacy relevant comments: while we're using the new "user id" feature of Piwik (some very important data we wouldn't get without it), we use a salted and hashed version of it, so we would have to put effort in correlating Piwik data with individual accounts. Also, we're not using the whole IP address, just three octets.

September 18 2014

New and more transparent handling of NSFW content

@testkitchen members can now try out a new way to deal with NSFW content:
  • Toggle the NSFW button in the top bar to see NSFW posts and soups in /everyone, friends stream, groups and user soups.
  • The NSFW button is pinned to the browser. So you can be in SFW mode at work and in NSFW at home.
  • Complimentary to that functionality, users can now mark each individual post as NSFW with a toggle in the edit bar. 
  • If a user (accidentally) forgets about marking a post and a nsfw picture gets to /everyone, and enough people report it, the user will get their entire soup marked as NSFW and a notification will let them now about it. 
  • Once a soup has been marked as NSFW, the owner can undo it by themselves (Settings, privacy, NSFW Soup) as long as they don't repeat the accident too often. 
  • Posts marked as NSFW at time of creation are not exported to facebook
  • Imports can be set to NSFW so all resulting posts will be marked NSFW.
The import thing does not work in the testkitchen, which is kind of risky, but it's the limit of our staging right now. The same goes for refreshing the notifications cache, so you won't see the notification about your soup being NSFW in the top bar, only in the dropdown and in /notifications.

What we intend to do with it: we want soups that are sometimes sexy/nsfw but not always back on /everyone. To enable people to do that, we're offering per-post and per-import NSFW toggles. So please, if you have the checkbox ticked in your privacy settings, then go through your stuff, set the NSFW stuff to NSFW and untick that checkbox.

The second reason is, that we need to know what stuff is NSFW so we can appeal to a larger audience, enable people to surf soup at work (teeheeheehee) and I think the deciding factor, to enable us to release a reading app on iPhone. Apple are effing Nipple Nazis. And so they are the ones who define what is and is not NSFW on Soup ...
Please have at it to your hearts content and let us know of peculiarities, inconsistencies or whatever else you may find.
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April 28 2014

Tasting a can of the new anti-spam

@testkitchen members (join now for great justice! you've got nothing to lose but your soup... ;) can now test-drive the new content classification buttons under each post.
The flag icon will let you choose between "spam", which means unwanted commercial content, "nsfw" which means "not safe for work" as in porn and other graphic stuff, and "illegal" which, in fact, does not mean "offensive" but "against austrian law".
Please be aware that all submissions will be reviewed, and users that don't use those flags in compliance with their designated meaning will be quietly disregarded in the future. So, don't use them as a downvote button.
If you're new to @testkitchen, you'll need to wait for about half an hour and do a shift-reload for good measure for all changes to take effect.
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February 16 2014

Current Case: Framework Update R4

Currently, we're trying to find (and fix) all remaining bugs in the soup framework upgrade (as described in this update). 
We would like to invite everyone who wants to help us find and squash bugs to join  @testkitchen, you'll automatically be added to the testing group within a few hours. 
Please report any issues you may have as a reply to this post or  @testkitchen, so other users can verify the issue and we can fix it.
R4 is currently in a "mostly working" state, but if you need to log in via facebook or persona, you should not join this test (yet).

Update: Facebook & Persona logins are fine now. 
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