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Extended Piwik Metrics

While we're still trying to figure out how to make the NSFW feature befriend the database (or vice versa, we really wouldn't care), we're a bit pressed for information about how many users we have actually using soup, and what of it.

So I've started to approach the long overdue project of generating more detailed analytics data. Thanks to Piwik we can keep that data in-house, and as soon as we'll go in production with it, we'll also have a detailed explanation of what we're tracking, what we're not tracking and why.

But right now, it's about how many people use adblock, how many "real" users we have, and what the characteristics of the typical power user are.

A few privacy relevant comments: while we're using the new "user id" feature of Piwik (some very important data we wouldn't get without it), we use a salted and hashed version of it, so we would have to put effort in correlating Piwik data with individual accounts. Also, we're not using the whole IP address, just three octets.

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